Need visitors? Of course you do, it’s the first stage of the sales funnel. Your visitors are potential leads, and if they’re impressed by your website and the services you offer, they might convert. But none of that would be possible if your website isn’t showing up on the first or second page of the search results.

This is why you need SEO. To rank better on Google, you need to step your SEO game up. Here are two of the simplest ways in which you can do it:

Focus on Content

For a lot of businesses, content is the last thing they worry about. For a lot of SEO specialists, the scenario is the same. But we strongly believe in the importance of good content. Your priority as a business owner is to generate leads through SEO, and not just showing your site on the results. Poor content may lead to better visibility on the search engines, but it would only reduce the conversion rate.
So focus on the content and give it the best you can since it would be the content that would ensure that your SEO campaign works out well. Try focusing on bringing educational content to your readers. This would not only increase the influx of a lot of potentially loyal readers, but it would also show how much you know about what you do.
Since posting fresh and relevant content is vital to the success of your SEO campaigns, you must make sure that you update your content on a regular basis. Search engines look at how fresh the content on your website is. Updating the content regularly shows that the site is still relevant.

Make it Link-Worthy

Putting up random "Click Here" links doesn't make your website link-worthy, but "best SEO services" does make your website link-worthy.
The matter of concern here is whether you're being relevant with the links or not. "Click Here" links have a highly questionable relevance. Moreover, you never know where the link would lead you. However "best SEO services" makes it clear that the destination that the link is pointing to has something to do with SEO services.
Running a business is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of time and efforts to make your business successful, especially when it has an online front in addition to the offline operations. You need to ensure that your SEO is done the right way, and for that, you need an expert team of SEO specialists. Getting a team yourself would be costly, hence we suggest you to outsource it.

AMJ Technologies is one of the best digital marketing companies. Our team of SEO specialists are the finest you’ll find in the industry. Ask for knowledge, they have it. Ask for experience, they have it. Ask for better rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), they deliver it. So write to us now at info@amjtechnologies.com to get your website on the first page of the search engines!

Gear Up For Mobile-First Indexing


Remember when Google announced that it would be rolling out the mobile-first indexing system? That was back in 2016 but it is about time that we see it in action. We’ve heard a lot about mobile-first indexing lately, owing largely to Google’s never-ending efforts to give its users the best possible services. But what is it really?

Mobile-first indexing is the process that Google is going to use soon to index your website. Your website’s mobile version would become the starting point of all that Google encompasses in its index. Your rank on the search result would then be determined by Google.

If you’re one to monitor your crawlbot traffic regularly, you might have seen an increase in traffic with Smartphone Googlebot as the source. In fact, even the cached versions of the web pages on your site, if you notice, would normally be the mobile version of your web page. Get why they call it mobile-first?

It is worth noticing here that the term is “mobile-first” and not “mobile-only”. If your site doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, its desktop version would still be indexed. The absence of a mobile-friendly website would definitely make a negative impact on both your users as well as the rankings of your website. Hence your competitors with mobile-friendly websites can zoom past you in no time since their rankings would be better than yours even on desktop searches. So how do you fix it?

To start with, get a mobile-ready website developed. The site must be truly mobile-ready, not just mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website is a website that can be viewed on mobile phones. Mobile-friendly website don’t really need to be responsive, nor do they look into the quality much.

Mobile-ready websites on the other hand, are truly responsive. They provide a whole new user-experience wherein the content isn’t just shrunken or rearranged, the content looks just as it would on the desktop site. Such websites would resize for multiple screen sizes and orientations to provide the users the best possible experience.

There is a lot that needs adjustments and changes when you view a desktop site on your mobile phones. The columns need some adjustments, texts need to move around without breaking, navigation and content needs to be hidden at times. All in all, you need to think about the design of your site in a new way when you switch to a mobile-ready site.

Consider the following for best results:
● Make sure that your site’s mobile version has quality, valuable content. Make sure that this content is available on your desktop site as well. Also make sure that it is crawlable and indexable.

● Make sure that the same structured data markup is used on both versions of your site. Avoid any unnecessary structured data.

● Make sure that meta descriptions and titles are in sync, ie, they are equivalent but not identical.

● If you’re using rel=hreflang, make sure that they point to the mobile version of the variant while using mobile version of the site and the desktop URLs point to desktop versions.

● Ensure that the links to the sitemaps, robots.txt, and on-page meta-robots tags can be accessed from the mobile version of your site.

● Needless to say, you should add and verify the mobile version of your site in Google Search Console.

● Make sure that you’ve verified the mobile version in relation to app association files when it comes to app indexation.

● If you have a separate host for the mobile version of your website, make sure that it can handle the increase in crawl rate.

Here at AMJ Technologies, we stay on top of trends in SEO and web development so our websites are always mobile-ready and our SEO solutions are always the best in the industry. Contact us now at info@amjtechnologies.com with your requirements.

Lead Generation With Digital Marketing


“Oh I don’t need leads” said no company ever.

Leads are the driving force of any business, and as you might have heard, the more the merrier. But a lot of businesses are unable to get an ample amount of leads. If you’re one of those, fret not, AMJ is here to help you generate leads for your business with our state-of-the-art digital marketing techniques.

If you’re wondering what digital marketing is, digital marketing refers to the act of advertising through digital channels such as social media, websites, email, mobile apps, and search engines. Digital marketing in itself covers a wide range of marketing activities some of which have been mentioned above. However since there is no Universal definition of what all activities digital marketing includes, it is difficult to be precise in the definition.

If this got you wondering how digital marketing would actually increase your leads, read on.

With an increasing number of people staying glued to their mobile devices all the time, a good way to reach out to your audience is to connect with them digitally. And there is no better way to reach out your audience digitally than digital marketing.

As previously mentioned, there is a wide range of marketing activities that digital marketing covers. So you could perform digital marketing activities on the social media, commonly known as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Wondering how SMM can help you in lead generation? If you leave the statistics behind and only focus on your own actions throughout the day, you would realize the last part of your day goes into social media channels, be it Facebook or Snapchat or WhatsApp. Similar to you, many people use social media almost all the time throughout the day. Many of your leads are also on the social media for a large part of their day. To convert these leads or to reach out to them, you would need social media marketing.

If you want to reach out to your audience via your own website instead, you could use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must be wondering how SEO can help you in lead generation. Well, actually SEO and lead generation go hand in hand. With the help of SEO you could ensure that your website is seen first in the search engines. So if you did SEO on the term digital marketing, when someone switches for Digital Marketing, your website would be on the top. This definitely helps in generating more and more leads since the first website they come through is yours, so the chances of them landing on a website is a lot more.

Moreover, if you go into depths about SEO strategies, you would see that many of the modern SEO strategies are similar to the modern lead generation strategies. One such strategy is that of internet research.

Our SEO team is one of the best in the market, and you need a good SEO team to rock it in the market. SEO affects the visibility of your website in the search engine results organically. With SEO, you can target various keywords in which you want your website to rank high and then focus on those specific keywords only for the best results. Optimizing your website is an added bonus for promoting your website in the search results. Benefits of SEO include increased traffic and site usability, cost effectiveness, higher credibility of your brand, ease of bypassing competition, and excellent ROI.

We are a complete solutions company offering you everything that you could possibly need for your business to be successful in the market. So contact us now at info@amjtechnologies.com to generate leads for your business!

Improve business growth with result oriented approaches


AMJ Technologies is a name that stands for the Picasso in you. We bring forth in all of our products a perfect blend of creative design.

AMJ was set up by a group of highly dynamic professionals bringing in over three decades of experience. With our visionary team’s vast exposure to IT applications, Internet, Business Operations, and ERP Solutions, we have been a key player deciding the fate of many successful companies.

We are driven by a relentless quest for developing solutions which are not only innovative but also cost-effective. And that is what sets us apart from the rest since most companies bring innovation at high costs, but we understand that high costs bring in a lot of stress for the companies. Hence all our solutions are priced reasonably.

With more than five years of experience and expertise in Web Designing & Development, Software Development, E-commerce applications, Domain Registrations and Search Engine Optimization, we are a prime choice for all of our clients.

Being a top web services & IT solutions provider company in Noida, we have been known well for the valuable services we provide to our clients. Our team of experts provides solutions ranging from Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Enterprise Solutions (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Office Automation Software, Mobile Solutions, MIS from legacy databases and many other IT related solutions.

The services we provide include Multimedia Designing, Website Designing, Web Hosting, Shopping Cart Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Software Development, Web Development, Android Application Development, Windows Application Development and a lot more!

We provide solutions for a number of areas of interests of our clients such as Human Resource Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relation Management, MLM Software System, Hospital Management System, College Management System, Hotel Management System etc.

Our vision in all these years has been to obtain a premier position as a provider of quality services in the fields of software development customized as well as general purpose, enhancement of company’s position by providing quality IT solutions and positioning the organization among the top IT companies.

In the last couple of years, we have seen our organization rising up to the vision we had seen in the beginning, and there is no doubt that within a few years, this very vision of ours would be the reality known and agreed to by the world.

Imagination is the Beginning Of Creation

We are known to deliver representative and high quality website designing services that can boost your business strongly. It is a procedure which requires to be carried out with laser sharp accuracy, since it’s one of the important angle in your site that will decide the fortune of your business. If your website isn’t hard-working like you, hire us, we are the leading website designing company. We do not simply design websites which are artistic outstanding, but we also provide proven advantages for your business. Our web designing procedure is concerted on working to clientbusiness goals, to make you gain the highest return on investment. Be it web design renovation or designing & developing a complete new site, our web designing experts secure all the required web design expertise to meet your vision and surpass all your expectations. Going through our portfolio, you’d realize that we think beyond the scope of any website and we take further steps than merely designing your website. Our idea is to increasingly offer more values and our web development services will ensure that every important element of website development is included in your website. We not only create or design websites but also provide full supporting structure of development and excellent services. With all the advanced tools of website designing and creation we develop websites on HTML and word press platforms that are the most trending tools now a days. In today’s competitive world we empower your website with every advanced technique to keep it one step ahead in every competition. Our creative designers are utilized to the maximum aspects of internet strategy. We observe the most demanding quality standards at cost effective price. Our professional website development services will always remain committed to your passionate goal of success and we ensure you reach a large consumer base that provides you an effective build-up of business identity.

Go Digital! Built A Brand With Us

digital_marketingDigital marketing is the publicity of brands or products through one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketers monitor things like what is being viewed, for how long and how often, sales conversions, what content works and what doesn’t work, etc. It is differs from traditional marketing that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working. The most closely associated channel with digital marketing is internet, and other includes mobile app, wireless text messaging, electronic billboards, digital television, etc. Digital media is present everywhere that consumers have access to all information any time and any place they want. Days are gone when people got to know about any brand, products or services came from that service or brand and consisted of only what company wanted them to know. Digital Marketing is an evergreen and growing source of shopping, news, entertainment and to interact with people socially. Consumers now don’t believe what you or your company says about your brand, but what their friends, media, relatives, etc., are saying as well is also important. People want the brands they can trust, and companies that know them are personalized and relevant and offers tailored to their needs and preferences.

Modern Era…. Of Digital Marketing

digital_marketingThe way in which digital marketing has developed since 19s has changed the way businesses utilize technology and digital marketing for their brand or product marketing. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more common, as well as efficient, as digital media platforms are increasingly day by day and incorporating into marketing plans. In everyday life now people use digital devices instead of going to physical shop, and that is the rise of modern digital marketing. There are numerous ways through which brands can use digital marketing to benefit their business. The use of digital marketing allow online customers more online support through 24*7 services that they feel more connected and valued. Social media is also important platform for the customer shopping online and also an important part of digital marketing. People now shares their views or post feedback about brands online through social media sources, web blogs, websites posting, etc. there are various forms through which digital marketing is done now:-

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising


Design Your Business With E-Commerce Creativity

10-free-open-source-softwares-for-building-ecommerce-websitesElectronic commerce or e-commerce is a term used for any type of electronic transactions either in business or commercial field that across the Internet. These business transactions occur either as consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business, business-to-business, business-to-consumer. E-commerce is often cheaper, faster and more convenient than the traditional methods of trading goods and services. E-commerce covers different types of business like consumer based retail sites, business exchanging trading goods and services between corporations. E-commerce allows consumers to exchange goods and services electronically without barriers of distance and time. There are various services through e-commerce like digital distribution, e-books, software, streaming media and in retail services it includes banking, flower delivery. Moreover, marketing services includes advertising, auctions, social commerce, wallet and mobile e-commerce includes payment and ticketing. We can say that e-commerce field is very vast. E-transactions ironically provides vast competitive advantages over traditional methods. In the near future electronic commerce will become more soften as more and more businesses moving their operations of all sections onto the Internet. The biggest challenge for a business person is to keep an eye on all those factors that comes in and goes out of the website. And to keep an eye on the traffic of site is also necessary. Traditional e-commerce services in India are unable to handle the growing challenges of the market as there are some basic problems related to link building and optimization or as most pages have little or less content. Some common problems include:-
•    Duplicate meta title tag
•    Trying to avoid duplicate content,
•    Highlighting the difference between two similar pages
•    Bad linking habits


We are the leading company in providing e-commerce site solutions, just connect with us and experience a growth in your business. In fact the e-commerce situation is so pack that even if you perform well shortly, it’s still hard to be stable. Our advice to you is get your site audited for some common errors that will be helpful to enhance your site traffic and to grow your business.